Hello, My name is Andres .
I was born in Colombia where I spent my early childhood, I then moved with my family to Switzerland and I am currently studying Physics and Neuroscience in Berlin.
I have one big passion, languages and cultures from around the world.
Living in Switzerland gave me the opportunity of learning French, German and Italian, three of the national languages.
I've been teaching these languages and Maths for student ranging from 5-20yrs old in the past 5 years. I've been learning Mandarinfor one semester in the idea to go do a PhD and live in Taiwan hopefully for 2015.
This year from 7th of August till 5th of October 2013 I will be travelling in Taiwan to learn more about this country and its people. In order to gain authentic life experience in Taiwan, I would like to travel in different places by visiting families for a period of time (3days – 1 week) in exchange of language lessons and some help to apply to european universities if wished.
The languages I can teach are : Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, and Esperanto.
The countries where I can help you to apply for an universtiy are : Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Finnland.
My rough plan for the trip is to spend my first two weeks in Taipei (8/8~8/21), 1 week between Taipei and Tainan, and then the rest of the time in Tainan (South), then the rest is open, any other cool suggestion regarding my trip for knowing more about Taiwan is very welcomed!
I will be more than happy to recieve your welcome contact whether you would like to host me for accomodation, to meet up, as well as showing me around your hometown.
My idea is that we contact each other via ptt, email, or you could just simply send me a message on my blog.
You can write me your brief self introduction and your idea of hosting me, as well as your preference ( oh and by the way, I'm a VEGETARIAN ) If we have a good feeling from each other, we could then exchange skype and speak more about the details.
In the upcoming days I would love to collect some spots where I would love to go throughout Taiwan, you are very welcomed to give me more ideas.


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